Posted on: 04.07.2011 02:28:39

In the largest showcase of its kind so far, business and civic leaders will today be joining computing experts and university representatives from across the country at Birmingham City University. They will see, first-hand, ground-breaking technology that will lead to ‘virtual PCs’ being available to millions of remote users – everywhere from western city centres to African towns.

A recent national report highlighted this solution as one of the most innovative initiatives in this sector. It has been developed in partnership by Birmingham City University, cloud computing specialists cnaSoft and the African telecommunications firm Econet. The result is an award-winning, cloud-based platform called

What sets apart is its unique ability to work both online and off-line, or in a combination of those environments – for example when the internet connection is slow, intermittent or simply not available.

The Birmingham City University open day – starting at 9.30am and running until 3.00pm - will be held at the University’s Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment at Millennium Point in Eastside, Birmingham. 

VIP delegates and speakers include:

Asked about, project leader Dr Peter Rayson said: “This is an innovative software platform which allows users to have their own ‘virtual PC’, with their personal files and settings, on any machine with internet access, anywhere in the world.”

“The cloud platform provides content and apps to inform, interact, socially connect and even entertain, as well as delivering all their essential services and educational requirements. The uniqueness of this technology is that it is accessed via a low cost USB devices plugged into any available PC. 

“It works across any available bandwidth and provides a working environment off-line, syncing any changes back into the cloud when the internet connection is again available - great for distance learning or leaning where there is no internet connectivity, such as on trains."

Hands-on demonstrations of the capabilities of will illustrate how school children in developing countries will be able to increase their access to, and understanding of, computer technology – with minimum investment from their governments. Small, intelligent program that sits in the corner of a personal USB memory stick – giving you access to your very own PC desktop from anywhere in the world. Put your memory stick into any connected PC and, regardless of transmission speed, you’re up and running in no time – on a secure connection with all the benefits of cloud storage.

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