Zotac IONITX-F-E Mini ITX Mobo
Posted on: 14.01.2010 01:00:00

Reading back through this review I canít help but feel I have probably come across in a negative way. I think the only negative aspect during this review was my lack of knowledge when starting, being more ďintoĒ high power systems I had never even looked at mini itx systems or Atom based pcís prior to this build, even my media centre is based on a Phenom II X2 545? These is where I feel I probably went wrong, I should have done more homework rather than waited and see what the Atom based Zotac IONITX-f-e was capable of.

The Zotac IONITX-f-e certainly isnít a power house, but then it was never intended to be. It does what it does and it copes with it very well, as a general purpose pc it is great for surfing the web, maybe doing some light office work or even the odd bit of photo editing, as a media pc it is nothing short of excellent it will cope with high definition video like water off a ducks back, to coin a phrase. Even though it has a PCIE x16 slot I donít think it will make a serious gaming pc, a light weight lan box maybe when coupled with low power graphics card for some occasional medium res gaming, anything more will more than likely be seriously bottlenecked by the Atom CPU. I will say one thing though it is not cheap at £140+ and unless you specifically want the PCI Express slot there are cheaper comparable boards out there from Zotac

If all this sounds like the sort of thing you want or need from a pc then basing your build around the Zotac IONITX-f-e is definitely worth some serious consideration if you need a PCI-e x16 slot, if you donít, well take a lake a look at Zotacís website and choose one of the many that are on offer.



Reality Check: Want a media centre with some light gaming capabilities look no further, RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed by Mac

Many thanks to Zotac for providing the IONITX-f-e for review.

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