ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium CPU cooler
Posted on: 01.09.2008 01:00:00

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Today I am going to be looking at a product from a company fairly well known for their cooling products as they supply quite a few to graphics card manufacturers and such like as well as standalone cooling solutions for people to upgrade stock coolers. The company is Zerotherm and the product I will be looking at is their top of the range cpu cooler the ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 Premium. It sounds impressive so I am expecting some decent results.

Before moving onto the cooler here is some info on Zerotherm the company, taken form their website.

ZEROtherm is engineered for the objective of decreasing noise into the “ZERO” range while effectively addressing thermal issues. ZEROtherm products are optimised cooling solutions to reduce both noise and heat. Our core thermal packaging technology (including heat pipe technology and micro electro mechanical technology) is the basis for all ZEROtherm products.

We seek to exceed consumer expectations by developing, designing, and producing “best-of-breed” solutions from our extensive technological and engineering capabilities.

The name ZEROTherm was christened by Dr. Song, our CEO and lifelong engineer. For our first product he said, “With our first retail product we need exceed expectations, so make it happen.” While ZEROTherm represented our engineering goal to build a competitive cooler, our design point was that we were to use our first product as a ‘first flight’ into the retail market. Of course, we’ve done one-of-a-kind thermal cooling solutions that had exact specs to meet and restrictions to consider, so we wanted to include a design that expressed our own craftsmanship as well.

So the butterfly design was to be incorporated into our first product because it represents our first flight into the retail market, but also like a butterfly, our company APACK was changing from a very comfortable OEM market to the very open world-wide market.

Of course every product can be better and it’s something that we are working hard on, but maybe people will not understand the butterfly design or be critical of it. But for us, it was part of an effort to show our ability in design as well as in engineering. We hope that all ZEROtherm products can show our commitment to engineering value in price, design and performance. ZEROtherm is committed to try everyday not to just meet your expectations, but to put all our efforts into exceeding them.

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