Zaward Gyre (ZJ010) CPU heatpipe cooler
Posted on: 28.07.2008 01:00:00

I have to say the results more than speak for themselves. Dropping the load temperature by more than 10c is a great result, and possibly a more important result is dropping the PWMICís temperature to a ďstableĒ 85c.

The Gyre was a pleasure to test and its easy to install, for AMD users, Intel users will have more to do as they need to remove the motherboard but I feel the results prove itís worth it and a lot of other coolers you have to do this anyway. Itís not totally silent but it is pretty quiet and unless your system is virtually silent then I suspect it wonít be the loudest thing in there.

During testing the Gyre didnít give me any real hassle and had I took the time to plug things into my motherboard before fitting it the install would have gone a lot smoother and quicker, learn by my mistakes ;o). (Editors comment: you should know better :P)

It is a large cooler so you should take a moment to make sure it fits your case, just in case. At the time of writing this review I couldnít find any retail price for it so I canít tell you if its value for money or not but unless itís ridiculously priced it will definitely be a decent buy.

Phenoms run HOT, very HOT get one of these to keep it under control, nuff said.



Reality Check: If you use a Phenom (and even if you donít) and are after a new cooler then I REALLY cannot recommend the Gyre enough most definitely RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed by Mac

Many thanks to Zaward for providing the Zaward Gyre for review

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