Zaward Gyre (ZJ010) CPU heatpipe cooler
Posted on: 28.07.2008 01:00:00

The Gyre comes in a nice eye catching red, yellow and gold retail box with the Gyre name on the front and a carrying handle on the top. There is a window in the front also showing off the Zaward golf ball style fan on the top of the Gyre.

The first side of the box carries the CPU compatibility list and specifications of the Gyre as well as a few pictures of the heat sink with and without the shroud.

The rear of the box shows the exposed heat pipes on the contact area of the Gyre. Its good to see even before you take it out of the box the Gyre has a protective sheet over the contact area to keep it free from dirt and offer it a bit of protection. Any kind of damage here could seriously affect its performance.

The final side of the box carries an air flow diagram explaining how the air is forced through the fins of the Gyre by the shrouds angled blades. There is also a list of features.

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