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Designed for First/Third Person Shooter and Action games, the Gaming Keyset provides a better gaming experience, advanced layout and built-in technology advantages. It comes loaded with a selection of pre-defined key layouts for today’s hottest games. Show Games

Most commonly used shooter and action game commands are labeled right on the keys to help you start playing new games faster

Registers up to 7 simultaneous key-strokes, in comparison to 2-4 on most other keyboards! Jump, move forward, lean left, change weapon and shoot at the same time!!

Large “butterfly” keys are enlarged and sloped to help keep fingers comfortable through hours of gaming

Players can easily access more critical commands with the one hand control zone

Unique domed action keys give gamers the responsive feel that they demand

QWERTY (Standard) keys for chatting without interrupting the action

Choose pre-defined key layouts from the list of game titles supported by your Gaming Keyset or create your own key layouts for your favorite games using the Game Binding Utility. The list of available layouts is updated regularly to include the latest title releases.

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The Standard Keyset is based on the traditional 108-key layout packed with Zboard™ enhanced features. It is specifically designed to optimize the use of Microsoft Windows®® and Internet Explorer applications.

Control and Windows® labeled commands The typing zone (QWERTY) has 2 sets of commands common to Windows® applications labeled for your convenience.

Use the CTRL key to operate top green commands. (eg. Ctrl+c = Copy)

Use the Windows® key to operate front white commands. (eg. Windows®+d = Show Desktop)

Special Keys (macros) Zboard™ Special keys are located in the Pad (labeled in blue on the keys of the numeric keypad) and Bar (labeled as icons under the Function Keys F1-F12) areas of the Standard Keyset and feature easy access to advanced functionality inherent to Windows®® and Internet Explorer applications.

Windows® Pad LED The Windows® PAD includes 16 commands for frequently used Windows®® features such as Minimize/Maximize, My Computer, Show Desktop and more. Internet Bar LED The Internet Bar includes 12 commands for frequently used Internet Explorer features such as Home, Backward/Forward, My Favorites and more.

KeyTips™ Zboard™ KeyTips is an interactive help application that allows you to quickly and easily test and verify the different labeled key functions of your Zboard™ Standard Keyset.



As you can see this keyboard should do quite a bit, but for I go onto the testing let me just show you something else you may find interesting. The over key sets you can purchase. That’s right as well as having a load of games preprogrammed into the drivers Zboard also make game specific key sets, bellow is a sample of the current sets and there is more to follow.



DOOM 3™ Keyset  $19.99 

Click here for detail
EverQuest® Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 EverQuest® Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World™ Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Empires: Dawn of the Modern World™ Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Delta Force® - Black Hawk Down™ Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Delta Force® - Black Hawk Down™ Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Age of Mythology™ Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Age of Mythology™ Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault™ Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault™ Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Neverwinter Nights™ Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Neverwinter Nights™ Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Civilization® III Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Civilization® III Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Madden NFL™ 2003 Keyset Sale Price: $19.99 Madden NFL™ 2003 Keyset (Requires ZBoard™, sold separately)
Click here for detail
Microsoft® Windows & Internet Explorer keyset for Zboard™ Sale Price: $24.99 Microsoft® Windows & Internet Explorer keyset for Zboard™

    (these keysets are only an example of whats possible to use any of these you would need to install the US driver) currently there is a UK  Doom3 keyset with MOH pacific assault and Everquest II on the way this month.

As you can see there are plenty of game specific gamingsets available as well as a few more on the way. Anyway lets get on with the installation and tests.


Installation was a trouble free and the only problem I faced was I had to download new drivers for SP2 on windows XP, after that everything went well restarted computer and installation was done. After changing to the normal key layout to right a few notes I decided to change to the gaming set and test it with some games. As soon as the gaming key set is clicked in a box pops open in windows, this is the software asking you to select the game you are playing so it can set the keys. This is also programmable, so don’t worry if your favorite game is not listed.

First impressions was not that good as the key press felt somewhere in between the normal solid feel and the laptop feel, its hard to put my finger on it but I am a fan of feedback from pressing the keyboard. But those of you that don’t care about the feel would love this. The software was excellent and the functions usefull



I am converted, what you may ask, what am I on about. Well to give this keyboard a chance I decided to leave it connected for a week just so I could make sure it wasn’t just my preference that was clouding my judgment. A lot of people use the blue lighted keyboard at Lan meets and I hate the feel of them. To cut a long story short I am glad I decided to persevere and get used to the feel, I love this keyboard now and would recommend it to any one. Ok I would ward them about the feel of the keys compared to the more solid traditional feel but also tell them I am using it myself. You just have to adapt to it, a truly excellent product and well worth the recommended award.



Excellent functions

Well packaged

2xKey sets

Excellent for games

Ease of setup

Custom key sets available

2 port USB hub



Needs a more solid feel in the buttons to win over everyone

Price maybe to high for some

(but still I am using it)




Thanks to Zboard for supplying the Keyboard for Review


To buy the Zboard and keysets for it please visit one of the stores bellow



Reviewed By R.Bowzer





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