Yuan DVB-T Mobility PD-300
Posted on: 10.01.2006 01:00:00

Can you believe that this is a digital tuner? The unit is barely bigger than my flash-disk, and the antenna is the same length.

Also included are a longer antenna, an antenna adaptor to a standard co-axial cable for normal antennas, and the remote. The longer antenna is on a magnetic base, which sits very firmly on any metallic surface, and is also heavy enough to hold the weight of the cable if no metal objects are handy.  The adaptor for using a standard aerial will be a very important item.  I know in my house that reception is not great with a standard indoor antenna, and only the one on top of the house gets reliable signal on all channels all the time.

The remote is very thin and lightweight, it is a bit too wide for my liking.  I have medium-large size hands (going on glove sizes), anyone with smaller hands would not find this remote comfortable. 

Another concern is the type of buttons, as they are printed onto the surface of the remote, which is a type of membrane with raised areas for the buttons.  It is hard to tell without a year to really stress it, but I have seen remotes like this with the popular buttons worn through, and unrecognisable to anyone who doesn’t now know the layout by heart. The other problem with the buttons: they are all exactly the same.  There is no change in layout except for colour;  4 buttons in a row on every row – you can’t just pick up the remote and find the 4-way arrows by feel like on most other remotes, and as the remote is the same width all the way along, there is no way to tell if you have even picked it up the right way around without looking at it. 

I would not like to use this remote as my every-day TV remote.

Also included are the manual and the software.  The manual is quite short, but really the tuner itself is fairly simple.  It is the software that is complicated, and hopefully that will be explained when using it.

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