Yuan DVB-T Mobility PD-300
Posted on: 10.01.2006 01:00:00

Yuan, established in the year of 1990, with headquarters in Taiwan, is principally engaged in design, development, and manufacture of high-quality graphics accelerators, TV tuner card, and MPEG2/4 encode/decode products as well as the distribution of famous brand computer peripherals.

Yuan is in partnership with the world’s leading Graphic and Visual chip designers, ATI, Conexant, ViXS, NEC, Vweb, Dibcom for multimedia video chips.

In multi-media application field, Yuan is well positioned to maintain an industry leadership based on vast array of video products, such like MPEG2/4 Encoder, TV tuner card, PC to HDTV scan converter, and on-going development efforts.

While they have not been one of the leading names in the UK for TV Tuners, Yuan have the experience and technology to bring out some nice TV-tuner products for the rapidly expanding market of HTPC’s.

Today Yuan have given Xtremecomputing a portable USB-2.0 TV Tuner, the DVB-T Mobility PD-300, to review.  Let us have a look if these guys really know their stuff.

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