X-Micro Video Mp3 400 Player
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

As I mentioned earlier X-Micro have supplied the Video 400 in a clear plastic box made so the costumer can see exactly what they are getting for there money which I must say I do prefer. After cutting open the packaging you find inside all the other accessories for your video player pictured below:

Installation CD, headphones, USB extension cable, 1 AA battery. Everything was in perfect condition and ready to go straight away.

Now letís take a closer look at the video player itself. X-Micro has made this mp3 with the student in mind so itís not only affordable but durable as well. The player has a really nice feel to it, holding it in your hand and weighing only 40g it really shines with quality and style. The rubber around the side for added grip feels smooth under your fingers making that handling much better and being only 29.8/96.2/29.8mm in size this is excellent piece of kit.

Then we come to the LCD which is surrounded by a chrome effect housing, notice in the picture that the LCD is really protected by a thick piece of plastic or glass, I really like this added feature because most MP3ís only have a thin piece. The button to the right is the main controller button for this video player and it has a good quality feel, made from plastic the joystick has a chrome effect which looks long lasting and durable, it really moves with ease under your thumb and feels like the little menu joysticks found on most of todayís phones

Turning the Video Mp3 to the top view as pictured above we have the PLAY: turn on, turn off, play, pause and stop button. Next to that we have the A-B/REC: special A-B/Recording Hot button, and last but not leased the EQ: which changes the sound effect but more of that later. All these buttons have rounded edges and are made with the chrome effect for added styling.

Moving on to the bottom view we have the USB 2.0 connection jack. As I mentioned before that this is based with the student in mind, perfect for storing/carrying homework. The USB 2.0 has a little protector that clicks over the top for when your not using the USB, this again is made out of plastic but X-Micro have designed this cap so you turn it to reveal the drive. I really like this design because you will never lose your cap as it never comes off, in the past some Mp3ís Iíve seen have little caps which come out and are so tiny youíre likely to lose it. Moving on we have the HOLD: Lock/Unlock button and I can tell you that it works excellently, I like it when Mp3s have this type of button built to the outside of the player so you donít have to go into the menu to lock/unlock your device, this is a real time waster on some Mp3s and I am glad X-micro went with the external.†

Turning the Video Mp3 400 to the back view you can you have a nice view of the battery compartment with the back covering off. Again Iím impressed with the way X-Micro has built this little Video player, it really feels well made in your hand right down to the little details of the way the back covering clicks in. Unfortunately this Video Mp3 hasnít got a slot for memory card but with its internal memory of 1GB this should serve all your needs.

Turning the Video Mp3 upright you catch sight of the Built-in digital recording microphone. This has been built under the chrome effect face plate and has a router shape for that stylish, clean look. You may not think a built-in microphone will have much usage but they do come in really handy at times, especially when this bit of kit can continually record for up to 35 hours using the internal memory and it has a signal of noise ratio of 80dB. This would really come in handy for recording lectures and with the 16 level variable-speed playback you will be well away.

Finally at the very top of the Video Mp3 400 we have the Headphone jack which is the standard size of 3.5mm. This is a nice feature because not everyone wants the player hanging around there neck, so with this detail they can use there existing headphones as well. I did when I first saw the headphone jack think that there was a spare one for a friend but no such luck in that department. As you can see from the picture above that Iíve already placed my cord in which attaches to the headphones so Iím ready to get this Mp3 powered up.

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