X-Micro Video Mp3 400 Player
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

X-Micro technology Corp. specializes in innovative digital multimedia devices, storage devices, and wireless communication devices. Established in 1999, X-Micro has made substantial investments in R&D, manufacturing, and engineering, and strives to deliver leading products of high quality and reliability to there global customers. X-Micro’s advanced products have received recognition worldwide with awards, praise, and recommendations from global media and customers.

Today we are looking at the Video Mp3 400 Player for the first time. This Video Mp3 not only supports MTV Movies but you can also view JPEG/BMP/GIF picture files on it. The Video Mp3 400 comes in three different sizes too choose from: 256MB, 512Mb and 1GB so it will cover all your needs. The model we have today is the Video Mp3 400 Player 1GB so let us get on with the review and take a closer look.

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