WolfClaw Devour Gaming keyboard
Posted on: 04.07.2006 01:00:00

Installation was really easy with the Wolf Claw Devour as it is a Plug-and-Play device and your computer will detect it straight away and as this device is compatible with Win98, WinME, Win200 and WinXP you should have no trouble with this. Once installed the Gaming area is set as default using ‘Counter-Strike’ as an example but you can set these settings to what ever preference you like to suit what ever game you like. I myself play Counter-Strike Source on a regular basis so I only had to setup the ‘talk’ key and ‘use’ button which was a quick and easy to do.

As soon as the Devour Gaming Pad was up and ready I was ready to go but I did miss the added 2 USB ports that the Wolf Claw Type II had because I used to plug my Saitek mouse into. This really disappointed me that Wolf Claw Devour Gaming Pad didn’t include this feature because it really did come in handy at times and I’m sure there would have been enough space to fit it in.

To test this Wolf Claw Devour Gaming Pad I’m going to give it a 2 week trail basics as I wanted I make sure that I was comfortable with this Gaming Pad and weather I would plug my Wolf Claw Type II back in

As I’m already familiar with the Wolf Claw layout it wasn’t really hard to get to grips with things but the first few days of using this game Pad I kept pressing the wrong buttons at times but that happens with every new bit of hardware you get, you must give yourself the time to get used to things and where they are.

To start of with the first thing I did was to just familiar myself was spend about an hour playing a single player FPS game to get to grips with the differences like the ‘F’ keys, ‘ALT’ and ‘Esc’ buttons. I found the buttons are really silent when pressing away; the only noise you get if at all any is if you let your fingers off the keys to fast you hear the key springing back into position. Other then that there is no sound really at all.

The pad has really been thought out for the gamer in you but I was expecting that anyway, there is one button that they have got rid of which the Wolf Claw Type II had in the gaming area which was the ‘Talk hold’ button which I didn’t really use anyway so that wasn’t missed.

You can really tell the Wolf Claw and PD Scientifics have made this excellently, all the keys have been precisely positioned and as the claim says “so you can make faster, accurate moves with one hand and feel comfortable at the same time” which I found to be 100% true during the time I have used this pad.

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