WolfClaw Devour Gaming keyboard
Posted on: 04.07.2006 01:00:00

As a technological innovation company, PD Scientific Pte Ltd develops “out of the box” products to improve lifestyles in a modern and high-technological savvy environment. With its flagship product, the Wolf Claw? Ultimate Gaming Keyboard for FPS Gamers, PD Scientific Pte Ltd aims to change the gaming keyboard front, offering a serious alternative for gaming.

A product owned by PD Scientific, Wolf Claw™ is the result of R & D effort tapping the brains of hardcore FPS gamers. Game developers have done a tremendous job in the recent years to develop better and more exciting games. Gamers are benefiting from the breakthrough in graphics and processing powers. Only till recently some breakthrough is seen in the gaming peripherals front, such as high-resolution gaming mouse. However the keyboard front is largely neglected, occupied mainly by standard keyboard that is designed primarily for office works and web browsing.

Today we take a look at the Wolfclaw Devour, the new more gamer only keypad that is made smaller than the type 2, let us get on with the review and see if it is what the makers claim or will I still keep my Wolf claw Type II. Only time will tell, so let us get on with the review and find out shall we.

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