Vantec Stealth 520w Power Supply
Posted on: 29.07.2004 01:00:00


† Stealth 520W Power Supply


Part-1 Packaging

Today we have a Vantec Stealth 520W PSU in for review so lets see how well it does starting with the packaging.

The first thing to notice is the size of the box, why well itís small and you can see this from the photo. I donít know how they got it in there as once I took it out I couldnít get it all back in, so it was well packed and secure and less packaging than most nice job. Ok enough about the packaging lets get on with the equipment.

Inside the box we have the PSU itself, power cable, 24-20 pin adapter, user manual and for the first time in a power supply I have reviewed some cable ties. Yep not much but goes a long way in my opinion, why I say this is because there would be nothing worse than someone buying a new power supply fitting it in and then having cables everywhere. As most PSU donít come with cable ties this is can be awkward if not annoying some times.

What are the Specs?

Serial ATA Ready

3 Speed Thermal Fan Control Switch

3 Temperature Controlled Dual Ball Bearing Fans

Universal Connector Fits Most of Branded Mainboards

Additional AC Output †For Peripheral

Lightweight Black Aluminum Casing

Electric-Shock-Free Protection

Over Voltage & Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection

ATX 12 V

Low Noise Level

Picture taken from Vantecís site

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