USB Brando Stainless Steel MP3 Watch
Posted on: 01.06.2007 01:00:00

My final thoughts on the Brando stainless steel MP3 Watch is it’s a outstanding gadget and a must have. Manufactures that design two in 1 devices have a hard job trying to fit the bill of making both work as they would on their own but I have to say that Brando have done a wonderful job. Both features of the watch worked brilliantly from listening to music or radio, to looking cool and sleek wearing a fashionable designed steel clock piece. The styling really stood out for me with this MP3 watch, many MP3 watches are designed to look quirky and a bit plastic which can limit the situation that you may wear your MP3 watch, but Brando have selected a style that allows you to wear this MP3 from home to work without the worry of remembering your MP3 device as its strapped to your arm.

Another highlight of owning the Brando MP3 watch is the built-in Hi Li-ion rechargeable 180mAh/3.7V battery, no more worrying when you will have to get your battery replaced costing you money as its rechargeable. So if you’re looking for a sleek, stylish MP3 Watch then Brando have ticked all the right boxes from us here at Xtreme Computing, enjoy life on the go.

• Fantastic Stainless Steel casing
• Two devices in one
• MP3/WMA and WAV playback
• Voice Recorder
• USB 2.0
• Built-in Radio
• Included 2.5 to 3.5 adaptor

• Bit on the heavy side
• Quality set of headphones needed for best sound enjoyment

Review by Archer

Thanks to Brando for supplying the player for review

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