Twinhan DTV MagicBox-USB Digital TV tuner
Posted on: 28.12.2005 01:00:00

Installation was as easy as the last Twinhan USB we looked at, just insert the disk follow on screen instructions, plug the device in the USB port and connect the aerial. Thatís it you are ready to go.

Not even ten minutes have past from the time I put the disk in, to the time that I had the box up and running and most of that time was waiting for the channel scan. This makes this ideal for you that are just to scared to connect a TV box up as it is so simple a 5 year old could do it if told how. I donít mean that as an insult but I know people with laptops and home PCís that still cant extract audio from a music cd to there MP3 player, so the easier the install the better. Even the remote was easy to use and i found my little nephew messing about watching Cbbc after being left for 5 minutes in the room. when i asked how he changed over he told me with the remote silly. (now that told me by a 6 year old)

I was pleased that Twinhan have kept the same software and just added a few tweaks, the reason for this is it is one of the most ser friendly out there and more than adequate for the job. The time shifting worked perfectly and to test that fact out came a old P3 600E and mobo to test this (a lie really it was already set up running music server for house) and still it was working fine. This shows that even some old hardware can handle tie shifting with this equipment. I could list the features and specs here such as EPG (electronic program guide).† However, if you are looking to buy a TV box you have already done your homework about the features you want. I suppose the only thing I would say is look at the spec page and tell me this wont fit your needs. One thing I would like to see is Twinhan get this and there other options compatible with MCE 2005, as I believe it is the future of home PCís and will drag even the ďĒ how do I move the mouse generation into the PC market. Saying that though there isnít a huge selection of compatible TV tuners for MCE 2005 anyway. Another fine sample of how it should be done from Twinhan.

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