Twinhan DTV MagicBox-USB Digital TV tuner
Posted on: 28.12.2005 01:00:00

As I said before considering the size of the product they could of made a smaller box, but saying that I havenít seen a TV Tuner yet packaged in such a way. On the other hand, the device arrived in perfect condition and was well protected, so there are no complaints really. Lets get the contents out and have a look at what we have.

Included in the box are the manual, Warranty card, Remote, batteries, Cdrom with software, USB cable and the device itself, not to mention a stand. This is where I discovered the device was not made out of a normal plastic shell but a slight rubbery feel. As soon as I felt this it immediately hit me that the designers were quite clever here. Look at the box in the presentation, what is pictured there, yes thatís right a laptop. What has that got to do with the device having a rubber type casing some of you may be asking, its quite simple and I would challenge any laptop owner with accessories to tell me that not one plastic made accessory† has ever been dented or cracked while being transported around with there laptop. I have to say after dropping it a few times this would be hard to damage.

Taking a closer look at the device we find it to have almost a snake type eye as the design at the front, donít worry it doesnít bite itís the infra red receiver and itís a change from a boring flat surface. On the side we have the brand name as well as a small power LED on the bottom right of the photo.

The other side as nothing on it and is a mirror of its flipside minus the power LED, the rear however is a nice plain affair and there is no way even the most novice of users could mess the installation of the device up. Itís a simple plug the USB and aerial in and thatís it, how simple is that.

Mounting the unit into its stand could not be easier and once in it felt quite solid, as I had to flick it quite hard to get it to topple other this was quite good considering how light it is. Overall, I was impressed with the design and thought it was quite a nice bonus having a rubbery type layer over the unit.

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