Tom Bihn Brain Bag - laptop bag and accessories
Posted on: 31.05.2006 01:00:00

First impressions with the bag were quite good, although I would be able to tell straight away this is a laptop bag due to its square shape. Not to take anything away from the bag though the quality found on the accessories was found here too.

At the bottom end of the bag we have two pouches and a couple of pockets, the strap in the middle is a u strap, this is ideal for umbrellas or as I found out as a journalist my tripod for the camera.

The pocket on the left of bag (right in picture) is for pens and other items you may need to hand, the right side is the same but without the outer webbing pocket as well. These were large enough though to hold 20 paper sleeved DVD-R disks each to give you an idea of the space inside.

The top of the bag houses another small pocket, although it is pretty small and only good for little things. You could though easily fit a small laptop mouse amongst a few over things inside. Lets open the bag and take a look at the inside compartments.

To open the bag you need to first undo the securing clips (which help even the weight) the are two of these on each side for added support. Which is more than what is found on most bags (usually one each side).

At the top there is a hand strap which can be used to carry the bag, I liked the fact this was doubled up like you find on suit cases, as it meant carrying the bag with this wouldn’t put any strain on the strap and would also distribute the weight properly. Once you unclip this (after doing the side support straps) you can open the bag.

Once I opened the first compartment it became apparent straight away (as mentioned earlier) why you need one of the inner bags. Inside there is nothing but these clips and a empty compartment. So I looked in the other compartment and ……

Well it was the same again, a carbon copy of the other compartment, no pockets or straps, in fact this compartment didn’t have the promising clips, this is why when looking at this bag we have to look at it with one of the inner bags that you would need.

The Soft Cell is the cheaper option out of the inner bags and it is available in most sizes to cover most laptops, the name soft cell does it justice as the padding is really soft, unlike the monolith though this is basically a sleeve for your laptop with padding.

The monolith though is a different matter, as soon as you get it in your hand the reinforced inner case feels solid.

As you can see from the above shot the corners are almost straight, this is not a bad idea and in theory should protect the bag more. The inside of the bag is incredibly soft and again feels almost like suede

I really like the design of the Monolith and thought the handle on it was good and ideal for just moving around the office or home, I also like the fact the bag felt solid and secure. Time to get the bag to use and put some equipment in.

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