Tom Bihn Brain Bag - laptop bag and accessories
Posted on: 31.05.2006 01:00:00

Who are Tom Bihn and what do they offer, well bellow is a quote from there website as well as a bit of info.

“Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags for well over 20 years. The daypacks he made when he was 13 years old are still in use. In addition, in Santa Cruz, California, where Tom grew up, his laptop cases and book bags are almost legendary. Tom Bihn makes everything from cases to protect your laptop to backpacks and briefcases to carry your books and papers. The classic, modern styling of the bags won't ever leave you looking out of place or outdated and the bags themselves are made to last.

TOM BIHN bags are carefully constructed of fine quality materials and components, mostly here in our own factory. They would be less expensive if we had them produced in China or Vietnam, but then we would lose control over the quality of the finished product and the quality of the jobs we create. Our turn-around time, the time between designing a new product and being able to ship it to customers, is quite fast, especially for a small company. We could use cheaper materials, but we've been making bags for a long time and plan to make them for a lot longer still: we don't want folks complaining about this or that part breaking or wearing out prematurely. There are plenty of less expensive products on the market and it's up to you, the consumer, to decide if the quality of our products justify their expense.”

As you can see the Tom Bihn brand has been around for about 20 years says a lot and designing bags since he was 13? Well with that kind of experience behind the company the products should be excellent. Today we are looking at a few products from the Tom Bihn range so let us get on with the review.

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