Thermaltake Toughpower XT 850W PSU
Posted on: 30.04.2009 01:00:00

Specs as taken from Thermaltake Website

FanDelayCool: evolved from high-end projector’s cooling system,

FanDelayCool enables users to control how long the 14cm fan should continue to operate (up to 30 seconds) after system shutdown

S.P.T. Indicator: indicates the standby, PG signal, and temperature status of the power supply

Gold-plated connectors for superior conductivity.

Meet 80PLUS Bronze Efficiency Requirement: Eco-Friendly design for the highest efficiency, least heat, and also lower energy bills, Up to 88% Efficiency.

  1. 5-Year Warranty: Thermaltake quality 5-year warranty for parts and labor.
  2. 14cm ball bearing cooling fan with Japanese made 8mm bearing system (1900 RPM ± 10%).
  3. Compliance with Intel ATX 12V 2.3 & SSI EPS 12V 2.92 standards.
  4. Support dual 8-pin PCI-E & dual 6-pin PCI-E connectors for next generation graphic cards.
  5. Guaranteed to deliver stable continuous output at 50℃ environment.
  6. Universal AC input 100V~240V and Active PFC (PF value up to 99%).

DIMENSION: 5.9”(W) x 3.4”(H) x 6.3” (L);150mm(W) x 86mm(H) x 160mm(L)

Motherboard Connectors:

Output Table 

There are too many things in the listed spec on Thermaltake’s site, so I’ve cut a lot out from here, to read all the technical nitty gritty visit the official specification page

Thermaltake have been paying attention to how enthusiasts like their PSUs, with this 850W PSU having one monster 12v rail capable of outputting 62A. That means that you don’t have to worry that all your power hungry components are spread evenly across the different rails when installing.

Other features worth noting are the 140mm fan used and the fan-off delay feature (to keep cooling the PSU after the PC has been shutdown.

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