Thermaltake Toughpower XT 850W PSU
Posted on: 30.04.2009 01:00:00

The box for the Toughpower 850W XT is really quite big. When I first saw it I wondered if the power supply itself was super-sized or something.

The box has a rather sleek look going on with graphics that fade into the blackness. Itís like itís just hinting at the features and style it has. The white cardboard with the 850W on it is actually just a sleeve slid onto the lid of the box. I presume this is so Thermaltake can use the same boxes for their different wattage PSUs in this line-up and not have the expense to print the boxes all different.

Another faded-out graphic hints at the detail of the side of the PSU (donít worry, the PSU isnít actually as big as this picture depicts), one thing to take note of here is the signal lights on the side of the PSU (more on those later)

It wouldnít be a Thermaltake product if the box didnít tell us exactly what was inside. Rest assured that the fact that this is a PSU is important enough to have a paragraph in 10 languages telling us this fact.

Thermaltake have used the bottom of the box to tell us all about this PSU, they have done well in keeping it clean and un-cluttered with just the Ďimportantí features emphasised.

Due to how minimalistic the design of the box is, Thermaltake opted to use a lift up flap on the top of the box to fit all the information about the features of the PSU. Weíll see those later in the physical layout and specs pages, so Iíll not comment on them now.

Opening the box greets us with another box with just the Toughpower XT logo in silver on the three sides. Thermaltake have made this PSU feel very classy to open, letís hope the product works as well as the packaging looks.

(few finally a PSU, I was begining to worry then :P eD)

Opening the second box, we find that the space inside appears to be well used, with the foam coming right to the top and the accessories slotted in perfectly on the left.

Before we take it all out and have a good look, letís see what the PSU is rated for.

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