Thermaltake Purepower 600w PSU
Posted on: 20.05.2006 01:00:00

Installation was a straightforward affair and connecting the psu went without incident thanks to the generous number of connections and the generous length of the cables.

For this review I will be testing the Thermaltake Purepower 600 with the following: -


Opteron 148 skt939 @ 2.9ghz



GFX Card

Sapphire X1900XTX



CPU Cooler

Thermaltake BigWater SE

Main Memory

2GB Gskill HZ4000

Non-removable Disks

1 x 160GB

Removable Disks

Optical Drives



Thermalrock Aguila


On review

Case Fans

1 x 120mm in (front), 1 x 120mm out (rear)

To test the psu I will measure the voltages using a digital voltmeter, as the readings from smart guardian canít really be takes as much more than a guide in my opinion and it only shows a single 12v readout and this psu has TRIPLE 12v rails. For this reason I will take 12v readings from the HDD, 4way connector on the motherboard and from the graphics card as I assume this is how the 3 12volt rails would be split. Readings will be taken with the pc at idle, running normal background tasks and at load.

For the load readings I will be running prime 95 to put maximum load on the cpu and 3d06 to put maximum load on the graphics card and burn a cd, I feel this will give the maximum load this pc can put on the power supply. To begin with I will test the system just idling, running the usual background tasks and typing this review the power rails measured as follows: -

I think it is safe to say that the Thermaltake Purepower600 handled that particular test very well with no power rail dropping any amount really worth mentioning considering what the pc was doing. I donít know what the actual specs are for regulation on power rails but, personally, I think deviating only 0.15v from rated value whilst running a major graphics test and 2 instances of a torture test and copying a cd full of data isnít worth worrying about in my opinion.

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