Thermaltake Muse LAN disk (NAS) enclosure
Posted on: 31.07.2006 01:00:00

Thermaltake are becoming one of the most recognized brands for enthusiast PC equipment, with their ever expanding and improving range of cases, coolers, power supplies and PC accessories.† They started out with the Orb series in the early 90ís, and continued successfully into the chassis and power supply market.

Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and ID team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and Power Supply for main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications.

The device we are looking at today is one of Thermaltakes latest hard drive enclosures the Muse Landisk, as you may have guessed by the name this enclosure is made for Lan storage so it is basically a DIY nas enclosure. Nas stands for Network Attached Storage for those of you not in the know an basically allows you to have an external enclosure connected via the network or router, thus enabling you to access it from anywhere on your network or from the net should you choose so.

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