Thermaltake LAN Box HT Micro ATX Case
Posted on: 09.04.2007 01:00:00

Thermaltake have done a superb job on this case and in my opinion having the support for the larger GFX cards on the market (upcoming ATI flagship and the 8800GTX,) makes this the LAN case to have. Not only that combining it with a media interface means it can serve a double purpose both as a media PC and your LAN box, I really liked this case from the design to the look.

If you are after a case that will be a home to your LAN rig, the LAN Box is the perfect place to start, it has bags of modding potential and could house an 8800GTX SLi setup without issues. (Apart from getting the Micro ATX SLi motherboard) The only disappointment for me was the use of 60mm fans, having said that though, I have not come across a case of this style with 80mm rear fans ever.

All in all a superb offering for us LAN gamers as well as the media enthusiasts out there and comes highly recommended. Don’t forget to watch this space soon for some modding on this case. Which involves more 2 way mirror trickery!

• Excellent build quality
• Some excellent features
• Easy to assemble and build
• Easy installation and trouble free install of software
• Excellent finishing on case
• Sli and Crossfire (if you can find the M-ATX mobo with support)
• Serves two purposes

• Would really need a modular PSU
• 60mm rear fans

Reviewed by R.Bowzer

Thanks to Thermaltake for supplying the case for review

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