Thermaltake LAN Box HT Micro ATX Case
Posted on: 09.04.2007 01:00:00

Once you take the lid off the case you can see just how much room you have inside, it might not look it but there is plenty of space.

Removing the PSU housing area is easy and takes just 3 screws on each side, once this is done this whole section comes out of the case and leaves you with room to work, without taking the mobo tray out. Moving onto the front section (CD mount area) this is even easier to remove.

It is just a case of removing 2 thumb screws and sliding it out, a very quick and easy job.

Once removed you can see that the front cage has room for one floppy or HDD, a massive 7 bay at the top (adaptor to size down to 5.25 is included) in case you decide to go for the Thermaltake LCD touch screen. The bottom section is of course the right size for DVD drive.

With the front mounting system out you can see the internal side of the case clearly, there is one more HDD bracket that supports 2x 3.5 HDDs, also on first glance there is a maze of wires,

As you can see there is an included bypass cable for the Media Lab display, this is so you can connect the display to allow power on from the remote, I have used this system before in a media based case and it works well.

Let us remove the motherboard tray.

To remove the motherboard tray you just need to undo the remaining 6 thumb screws on the back of the case and then pull it out with the little pull handle at the bottom of the tray.

Once out, you really can see how much space this case has, and it needs it too claiming support for any GFX card. Yes and that includes the long 8800GTXs

The mother board tray has 2x 60mm fans as mentioned earlier that disperse the air out of the rear. As you can clearly see it is made for the Micro ATX platform, and with at in mind you also notice that due to were the CPU will be you will be limited to smaller coolers with this setup.

The PCI back plates need unscrewing from the rear of the motherboard tray, this is done via a plate on the outside.

You just need to remove the thumb screw to gain access to the screws, simple yet very effective, before we move onto install let us take a look at what is included in the package.

Included in with the case were all the necessary screws, as well as the media lab software, a remote control and a nice soft cloth to help clean the cases nice smooth paintwork. All in all on the physical side of things the case has impressed.

Install was a pretty straight forward affair thanks to the removable motherboard tray, in fact it is that simple that it only takes about 30 minutes to set up a system in this rig, once you have every thing connected it is just a matter of installing your OS, and installing the front media lab display drivers and software.

The media lab software was simple and easy to setup, just as in previous cases, I would show more pictures of the install but I actually liked this case and its design that much, I decided to strip down my media centre and my LAN machine and make one very nice Media PC/ LAN PC combo. This meant re stripping out the LAN Box HT ready for modding, stay tuned for a follow up as I take out my modding tools and un leash them on this unique case.

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