Thermaltake LAN Box HT Micro ATX Case
Posted on: 09.04.2007 01:00:00

Thermaltake was founded in 1999 and branched out quickly throughout American and Europe by 2001 they had begun to break into china and with there Volcano 7 CPU cooler became the leading provider in computer cooling in the Asia pacific area.  2002 was when Thermaltake really established themselves on the world market with the design of the XaserII chassis and the Spark 5+ which was recognized by INTEL for the best cooling effects, Thermaltake continued to expand but seemed to lose there creativity and in 2004 was restructured to meet demand supposedly for a global market.

The restructuring was a success and Thermaltake released their Tsunami chassis and big water liquid cooling system which was met with great acclaim and received AMD’s Outstanding Partner Award. Since then Thermaltake have established Thermaltake Europe in the Netherlands to support the great demand that comes from that region. 2006 has been a busy year with Thermaltake adding to their already impressive array of products noticeably the Mozart TX and surprisingly the mini typhoon CPU coolers, which received some great reviews.

Today we look at another one of the new products for 2007 the LanBox HT, this is a SSF based case, that supports Micro ATX mobos. Thermaltake have released a LanBox already though so what could be different about this one? well the answer is a simple one, the HT version has a redesigned front as well as some other features that make the HT mean Home Theatre. Does it cut it as a HTPC enclosure as well as a LAN case? Well let us find out.

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