Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler
Posted on: 17.04.2010 01:00:00

The following specifications are taken from the Thermaltake website.

Model  CLP0564

- Intel Socket

LGA 1366

LGA 1156

LGA 775

- AMD Socket


AM2+ / AM2


139(L) x 98(W) x 165(H) mm

Heatsink Material

Aluminum Fins
Aluminum & Copper Base


Φ 8mm x 5PCS

Fan Dimension

120(L) x 120(H) x 25(W) mm

Rated Voltage

12 V

Rated Current

0.5 A

Started Voltage

6 V

Power Input

6 W

Fan Speed

1200 ~ 2500 RPM

Max. Air Flow

101.6 CFM

Max. Air Pressure

4.2 mmH2O


20 ~ 43 dBA

Life Expectation

50,000 hrs @ 40℃


3 Pin


1042 g

Everything about these specs makes the Frio a contender for serious cooling Performance, from the 8mm diameter heatpipes used, to the dual 100CFM fans used with the cooler. The only downside I can see, is as I love quiet computing, two 43dBA fans are going to be something it will be interesting to see how long I can put up with for!

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