Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler
Posted on: 17.04.2010 01:00:00

If you read Tt’s description of the Frio on the previous page, you’ll know that they did a little wordplay with its name, and Frio is literally Spanish for ‘Cool’. Let’s hope they were justified in calling it that!

The front of the box shows the cooler, on a design that is not cluttered, but is still a little bit flashy and grabs your attention. The fact that the cooler can dissipate 220W’s of heat is displayed clearly on the front of the cooler, but if you’re not a hardcore enthusiast, that figure is pretty meaningless to most people.

It always makes me smile when I see Thermaltake dedicate and entire side of the box to stating that, yes, this is in fact a CPU cooler. I wonder if they have had problems in the past with people claiming they didn’t know what was in the box when they bought it.

The back of the box lists the coolers main features, with a few pictures showing the cooler in action and the parts contained within.

The end of the box lists the coolers specifications, including socket/CPU support, and more technical specifications like size, weight etc (you can see those on our specifications page).

Opening the box, we can see an additional fan down one side of the protective foam, and the mounting hardware in a smaller box down the other side.

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