Thermaltake eSports Isurus headset
Posted on: 07.04.2011 01:00:00

The packaging was super easy to get open by tearing at an easy pull section of the box, much more simpler than cutting open some of these plastic casings we get. Inside everything was secure in separate compartments to keep the device free from any damage in transportation.† Some added extraís with the ISURUS headset are 3 x Ear sleeves (S, M, L ), Multi language install guide, Warranty and travel pouch. The travel pouch is a leather look design with a secure zip up function to keep all your extra sleeves and headset in, inside is also a couple of netted pockets that ensure nothing falls out from them when opening and closing the pouch.

Taking a closer look at the headphones drives, Thermaltake have designed the ISURUS headset in a unique way that is different from all other gaming headsets out there at this time. The Ergonomic design provides the user with the best wearing comfort and by this I mean instead of the driver being straight out, the ISURUS headset is shaped like the inside of your ear so the drive is set off at an angle so the headset slides into your ear with little pressure to get the headset into position.

Just looking at this headset you can really see that a lot of thought has gone into this new ergonomic design. All material used is hardened plastic which really helps keeping the weight down and I really liked the added touches of Electro plated sections, instead of being just one plain. The high gloss paint work of the ISURUS are also an eye catching feature that really allows the electro-plated finishes pop.

Detailing has been kept simple and to a minimum on the headset with just the Tt printed in red to the rear of the product and also a left and right indicator embossed into the plastic bottoms.

Releasing the soft ear sleeve to expose the metal grill which protects the entrance to the 13.5mm driver was really simple and straight forward to do. Headsets set with this feature are a real gods sends if you think about it because you can clean away all the buildup of ear wax (yes we all have it) and change the ear sleeve when over time it has become stained.

Thermaltake unfortunately havenít used the softest material on the ISURUS cable covering material. It does feel really rigid and strong but itís very rough this only makes the cable get tangled up together quite easily, especially the drivers because the cable is thinner.

Speaking about being rigid, I really like the way thermaltake have made the connector from cable to headset strong and durable. There is limited flexibility there but this only reassures me how long lasting the ISURUS has been built.

The ISURUS headset also has an Asymmetrical cable style which allows the user to wear the headphones around the back of the neck or around the front, the option is yours. But thermaltake have also installed a clip to the cable so you can attach it to your clothing which stops the headset from tugging on your ears which can happen if youíre out and about or exercising.

Shown above is the microphone and speaker jack adapter and as you can see thermaltake have used gold plate 3.5mm plug type which makes the ISURUS headset compatible with a number of devices like; PSP, MP3, IPOD, PC, Laptop and Mobile the list goes on. Thermaltake have designed the ISURUS to have a standard shaped headphone jack, itís not bent or a odd shape, itís just straight forward and simple, I do prefer the bent ones myself because it sits better with whatever device your using.

Thermaltake have also added to the ISURUS gaming headset an in-line microphone and there design is slim-line a really compact in its styling. Located quite near to your mouth position so your voice is picked up by the microphone with ease, you do not have to hold the microphone up to your mouth which will come in handy while gaming away and chatting with your online friends or while in clan tournaments.

I really want to hear and experience the sound that this headset can produce but I also canít wait to try out the new Ergonomics design, are they really as comfortable as thermaltake sayÖwell thereís only one way to find out so letís see whatís in store.

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