Thermaltake eSports Isurus headset
Posted on: 07.04.2011 01:00:00

The black backdrop has been given a metal pattern under layer which not only gives the box depth but also the appearance of being a metal box. In the middle of the box,Thermaltake have used a high resolution image of the headset.

To the rear Thermaltake have added a little information on the product and have managed to fit it in fifteen different languages. The white texts work great against the black backdrop for clear and simple reading.

The reason why so little information to the rear of the packaging is because Thermaltake as shown above know us enthusiasts like all the specifications we can get on devices so this hidden foldout page of the packaging. Not only could I see the product in a cutout window protected in its plastic molded casing but I could also read to my heartís content about the headset without having to open the packaging up at all.

Letís take a closer look at those specifications shall we.

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