Thermaltake Bigwater 745 - Dual Rad cooling
Posted on: 22.04.2006 01:00:00

Thermaltake have really got a great kit out now for top end H2O cooling.  The Thermaltake Bigwater 745 delivers the performance and doesn’t make much noise.  With a dual and single radiator and only one block, it is a bit overkill, and this kit is just screaming for a GPU block or two – which can be ordered separately. I would even consider not using the single rad if I could mount the dual internally, but that would depend on the system performance.  If the single isn’t necessary, hell, just ebay it!

I would like to see some more detailed specifications on the pump, however even with the dual rad sitting on my desk, with about 1m between top and bottom of the system, it was still able to perform well, so I am not so concerned any more. What would be even better is if Thermaltake would release an affordable case, like a new version of the Amour or Kandalf, with place for this dual radiator inside, perhaps above the PSU. 

This kit is definitely one of the highest performance kits out there, and at a price of around £75 inc. VAT, that’s a steal.  Add in a Thermaltake VGA cooler for £20, you have a full high-end kit for less than £100/$170! Bargain. At this price I’m going to give this the Best in Class award.

• Unbeatable performance with passive cooling
• Excellent price/performance
• Very quiet setup
• Good instructions
• Good quality components
• Reliable Barb connector system

• Barbs could connect to radiator better
• Are two rads really necessary?

Reviewed by Rack

Thanks to Thermaltake for supplying the kit for review

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