Thermaltake 520w PST modular PSU
Posted on: 31.12.2005 01:00:00

Thermaltake have been around for a while now and have established themselves as a leading brand, there are some that love there equipment and some that donít and still think of Thermaltake in a boy racer way. Me myself I sit on the fence and I do so because like many other reviewers I have seen Thermaltake go from strength to strength other the last few years coming out with some excellent products for the home user as well as oem from PSUs to cases and cooling Thermaltake have there hands in a lot of pies and today we are looking at there offering to the modular PSU market.

The PSU in question is the PurePower 520w PST, this is aimed to give you a option like other modular PSUs to only use the cables needed. Now this is nothing new now really and you have to step back and wonder why Thermaltake were late to the party, letís get on with the review and find out if the PSU performs and is its modular system better to use than others?

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