Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T digital TV tuner
Posted on: 30.12.2005 01:00:00

After 2 weeks of testing the card in MCE and under XP I was more than satisfied with its performance. The time shifting was excellent and worked like a charm and the recording quality was up to scratch not one of the 25 recordings I made with this card had any sync problems and I have to admit myself this is an achievement on its own. The MCE compatibility of this card is what appealed to me most but I am quite surprised with its overall performance on XP. The software that comes with the card for on XP is excellent and I couldnít find 1 problem. For me the Pass through makes this better than most thatís why I am awarding it the best in category award.. highly recommended.

Easy to install,
Digital reception excellent,
Ease of software install and use,
Pass through connector,
MCE compatible


Review by R.Bowzer

Thanks to Terratec for supplying the card for review

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