Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T digital TV tuner
Posted on: 30.12.2005 01:00:00

First I selected to install this in my media centre pc as that is the only setup I use a TV card in. the specs of the media centre are.


Athlon XP Barton 2500+


MSI K7 Delta

GFX Card



SoundBlaster Audigy 2 zs

CPU Cooler

Akasa with speed controlled pax fan

Main Memory

2 x 512 MB generic 333 DDR

Non-removeable Disks

1 x 120gig Samsung spinpoint

Removeable Disks

Optical Drives

Lite On x16 dual-layer DVD-RW


Silverstone LC14M


Antec Phantom

For testing the card will be used for a couple of weeks with EPG scheduled recording both in Terratec software and in Media Centre. First lets get it installed first. My self before shutting down to install I will install the software off the cd then shut down and install.

Once this is done itís just a case of slotting the card in and booting up, a nice simple and easy task that will please most of you. After rebooting with card in drivers were installed and media centre TV signal setup run again. Within seconds it started picking up the channels and it ended up finding 1 more than my desktop receiver that sits next to the TV.

The setup on TerraTecís software was just as easy to use as the media centre setup.

On the first screen (option screen) we have the options to decide what recording format should be used with the software. There is also the option to set the time shift buffer as well as the pre recording and post recording time allowance. Once we have done that its time to move onto the scan.

The channel scan is a simple process and takes 5 minutes at most, after which you can adjust which ones are your favourites.

To select your favourites all you have to do is highlight them and move them to the right hand side box, itís as simple as that. To remove them is the opposite to adding them. The radio favourites works in exactly the same way. The final page is just a signal page that tells you info about channel signal strength ect, basically nothing of interest to most end users.

Once that is done its just the easy task of using the software like you would any other DVD style software except its live tv and you can pause and record what you like. The EPG (electronic program guide) works well and doesnít take that long to get the info, as with most tuners you can select a program to record straight from the EPG.

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