Terratec 2400 Dual TV tuner
Posted on: 03.06.2008 01:00:00

Opening the box the first thing we come across is the Terratec Cinergy 2400, in an antistatic bag, which is always good to see, and the remote control along with supplied batteries and software installation disk

Contents removed from box. Remote and batteries, driver / software disk, remote receiver cable and of course the Terratec Cinergy itself.

The remote control is pretty much a standard affair for a media controller in that it has the usual buttons to select TV / DVD / Music etc as well as your normal play / pause mute / volume up and down. Nothing appears to be missing and there doesnít appear to be anything out of the ordinary.

Moving onto the card its self the first thing you may notice are the 2 big square silver boxes, these are the dual digital terrestrial tuners so you can watch and record (or record) 2 different channels at once. The next thing you may notice is the fact that the card isnít PCI it is in fact PCI express x1 finally someone has seen fit to come up with a product that uses those little sockets on our motherboards, I am sure there are one or two others out there but they are few and far between. At a glance the board seems well built and a rather unusual whiteish colour. Ok letís get the Terratec Cinergy installed.

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