Synology DS210j - 2 Bay NAS
Posted on: 04.02.2010 01:00:00

There are just too many specifications and features to list here for this NAS, so Iím simply going to link you to the official about page for the DS210j:

Iím not even sure where I should start to comment on the featurelist!

Basically youíve got a 2 drive NAS box here, with a gigabit Ethernet connection, and 3 USB connectors for attaching additional storage or printers to be shared on the network.

Thereís a plethora of configuration options when setting up (weíll touch on those in the setup page), and they include everything from user account access to folders/files on the NAS to running a web/itunes/DNLA server on it.

So for such a small box, thereís a lot of stuff it can do, which is pretty impressive from the outstart

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