SWISSMEMORY Victorinox 128mb storage
Posted on: 07.08.2004 01:00:00


                     SWISSMEMORY® USB


PART 1 – In the Box

As we have recently started adding mp3 players and portable storage to the reviews I decided to get in contact with SwissBit and get one of their Victorinox Flash memory sticks. Yep you heard me right Victorinox, for those of you that don’t know Victorinox make the world renowned utility knife (I have one of my own brought about 10 years ago) But were not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about portable storage, the SWISSMEMORY® USB is a combination of both not only does it come in 64 and 128mb sizes, it is also a mini Victorinox so let’s get on with it and open the box shall we.

Included in the package is a USB extension cable, the instructions and the device it self everything was securely packed and undamaged in the box. After taking the device out I notice almost straight away the light (by accidentally pressing it) and wonder what it is for, more on this later. Nice the first thing you noticed upon opening the box is the devices finish is spot on, not only does it look nice it makes you feel like money well spent, this is what a lot of users look at first when they buy something. Ok of course they want it to be capable of what it was brought for but if you opened something and it looked like no care was taken in packaging or production you wouldn’t buy it again so this is fairly important.


Ok lets take a closer look at the device it self.

As you can see the Memory Part of the device is detachable, this in my opinion is a must as it enables you to detach it from the Victorinox. This is essential really as it saves you taking the extension cable around with you and you will still be able to plug it into those hard to access places.

Ok let’s move on to the utility side of things before we install the device.

The utility part of the knife is also very useful with a nail file, small flathead screwdriver, little knife (very handy for opening envelopes), a pair of scissors and a pen. Now this is where the light comes into it, if you look below you will see what it is for.

Some might ask what is the point but as most users that use flash drives own or use a laptop, what has that got to do with it? You might say, well most laptop owners are on the move so they would find the light useful, Have you ever tried writing in a dark mini cab or on a train platform at night it’s almost impossible even in the back of a car. Also it’s in a position to be used to make sure your plugging the USB Memory in to a USB port in the dark so not a bad add-on really.

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