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Posted on: 23.05.2006 01:00:00

Opening up the entire metal body you truly see how versatile the S.Beat really is. The features include the Main Blade, a Nail file which can be used as a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. All the tools are made of the highest quality stainless steel you expect from a Swiss Army Knife and by just looking at them you can see how sharp and well made they look.

(With recent increase in security when travelling by air Swissbit has designed the S.Beat MP3 with a Fly Smart feature which means as pictured above that the audio device is detachable so the tool body can be left in your luggage which is where the USB cap would come in good use.)

Because Swissbit have managed to get this audio device so tiny unfortunately this Mp3 isnít upgradeable like many others on the market but with its internal memory of 1GB up to 4GB should serve most needs.

Taking the audio MP3 player completely away from the protective metal body you can very see how small this device really is. Itís ingenious how Swissbit has managed to squeeze a high quality sounding product in to such a small casing. The Whole shell is made from some sort of hardened plastic which feels quite strong under your fingers and only weighing about 32g itís so light you could easily forget youíre carrying the device.

As seen above the S.Beat has been designed with a RESET button just in cast you run in to any problems this acts as a safe bet which restores the MP3 back to factory settings. It also aids in part of any firmware upgrade procedure.

The S.Beat is fitted with a standard USB 2.0 Hi speed connector which can be plugged straight into your PC but there is a extension cable provided. As you can see the S.Beat MP3 out of its metal body still has a stylist sleek look to it and would complement every type of person in all the right ways.

As Mentioned earlier this is a detachable device and pictured here Iíve placed the USB cap into to place which surprisingly solid with no movement once attached, some MP3 players we have had in the past have had problems in this area with the caps not fitting right and ended up falling off. This cap has a hole as shown for you to place the necklace holder though for when your using the S.Beat and are planning on travelling.

Moving on to the second most important part of any MP3 which are the headphones and what an excellent example with have here. The design is not so different from any other stringed make you might have seen but these headphones have an Anti Dangling mechanism.

As shown above this mechanism is a fantastic idea as it works extremely well, I think all headphones designed for around the neck should have this installed, an excellent feature although small. The S.Beat comes with very long cable that can be adjusted for that perfect fit. I really like the colour and shape to these headphones with the added chrome touches and sort of paint effect surface; they really match the S.Beat well.

What I was really pleased with though when I first got everything out of the box was the fact that the S.Beat is supplied with a Remote Control unit that not all MP3s have. This little unit has been designed so that the knife body with player can be placed in your pocket or handbag so you can control the S.Beat with ease. Swissbit have echoed the Swiss origin badge from the front of the metal body of the player to the remote for that little something different.

This unit is extremely light in weight and doesnít hang or pull at your clothes while wearing and the crocodile sort of clip holds it in place well. The remote functions are volume up and down, Next track and Fast-forward and reverse, too the side is the Hold, Power on and Power off button. But what really impressed me is the parallel listening option, yes you can share your music and recordings with friends or use your own choice of phones through the remote as there are two headphones connections within this unit, one being the smaller size 2.5mm but the additional jack is or standard size 3.5mm.

When first laying my eyes on this World Charger I didnít know what to expect but this is again some ingenious design and great build quality. Swissbit had supplied this charger to go where ever you are in over 150 Countries Worldwide. Made from plastic this charger will fully charge the S.Beat in as little as 2.5 hours with its integrated USB Adapter. They have even made a face plate for when you are not charging the S.Beat to turn this unit into a normal plug socket, outstanding.

Iíve pictured the plug for UK at top as this is the one I will be using but you can make out the other countries connectors and these just slide down using the knobs sticking out of the sides. I did have a little problem when first using this charger which is you must plug the unit into the plug socket before you place the addiction USB plate on otherwise the S.Beat will not charge.

This is the first world Charger I have ever seen been given with a MP3 player before and I think its absolutely brilliant, I can take my player on holiday without having to worry about batteries or how Iím going to charge it up.†

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