SWISSMEMORY s.beat MP3 Digital Audio Player
Posted on: 23.05.2006 01:00:00

As I mentioned earlier Swissbit have supplied the S.Beat MP3 with a clear plastic cut out section so the costumer can see exactly what they are getting for there money which I must say I do prefer.

After opening the packaging pictured above you find all the items in the box have been perfectly placed in its very own department safe and very secure, this inner packaging has a soft felt like feel to it. I really liked the way Swissbit have presented this device, it really stands out from the rest and by just looking at the S.Beat in the box you know you are getting real quality here.

All the other accessories are hidden below the top packaging and as you can see there is quite a few of those!

If we unpack the entire contents out we can see what is included in the package, above is the S.Beat digital audio player with Metal Body Knife, Remote Control, Protective Cap, Sports accessory, Drivers and Application CD, headphones, USB extension cable, User Guide and if you donít think that is enough, there is even a USB World Charger.

Now letís take a closer look at the S.Beat MP3 itself. Swissbit have designed this little audio player to stand out from the crowd and to be noticed and I must say that they have accomplished this and much more. Many of the MP3 players you see on the market today have the same boring feel and look to them and they donít really get you excited because you know what awaits you but with this little cutie it really gets you thinking wow thatís different.

The S.Beat has a Strong, durable, well made feel to it but you would expect that from the famous Swiss Army Knife makers and Swissbit. It is quite strange really but I must say the Swiss know how to make a customer happy.

Holding it in your hand you really notice how small Swissbit have managed to get this piece of kit with it only weighing only 32g out of the body and 72g in. The whole metal body looks like brushed aluminium and the four bolts have a golden look to them so they really stand out. Finally the famous Swiss Army sign has been printed on to the body for that really smooth touch.

Moving on to the side we get to the business end of the player, the 3 Line High Contrast Backlight Reverse LCD (FSDN transmissive). You can see from the picture that the LCD is protected by a mirrored looking piece of plastic or glass and is flush with the metal body, I really liked this feature because most MP3ís have an in step down to the lcd, so a lot of dirty and grease get stuck in the corners making it hard to clean.

The button to the right is the main controller button for this MP3 player and it has a good quality feel, it is though made from plastic the joystick but it has a metal effect which looks long lasting and durable. You may also of noticed the little arrow marker in the left hand corner, this is where you would apply a small amount of pressure to push the detectable MP3 device out of itís metal body casing.

Flipping the S.Beat Mp3 to the other side as pictured above we have the S.Beat Logo with a sound wave design in the background for added styling. To the far left is the headphone jack which is of the smaller size of 2.5mm. The Whole surface of the device is very smooth.

Turning the S.Beat MP3 to the Rear you get the same quality brushed look metal body as before, but Swissbit have added a clip to the back so the user can attach the device to there belt or pocket knowing the MP3 is secure and not banging around while they are getting on with everyday activities. The clip seems to be made of a metal like stainless steel and work brilliantly clipping on to an array of materials.

Turning the S.Beat upright back to the front is the integrated Built-in digital recording microphone. This has been built under the face plate which canít be seen but itís close to the navigation button. You may not think a built-in microphone will have much usage but they do come in really handy at times, especially when you are on the move to record personally notes or in a meeting and need to remember one important statement or at a live concert that you want to capture for a later date.

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