SuperFlower SF-700P14XE Modular PSU
Posted on: 31.03.2011 01:00:00

Introduction (taken from Super Flower’s website)

Super Flower Computer Inc. is a professional switching power suppler/computer cases manufacturer in mainland China with headquarters in the Taiwan area.

Super Flower Computer Inc. was established in 1991, we specialize in manufacturing and developing of power supply, computer cases, and related products. With our adherence to giving the best quality, we strive to make customers’ needs the top priority and to expand our market. Our well-developed products include switching power supplies, PC cases, server cases and other accessories.

Super Flower are probably a little unknown within the PC community, however a little research shows that they are the manufacturers for KingPin PSU’s. This provides confidence, as this seemingly new brand has in fact been manufacturing PSU’s and other pc parts since 1991. Today I will be testing their latest 700Watt PSU – the SF-700P14XE supplied to us by their European office Yang IT.

This is a modular PSU carrying an “80 Plus GOLD” certification. This is a very attractive combination, as potentially it could reduce your energy bills.

Let’s see how it gets on.

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