STM Curve 15 5 Courier Bag
Posted on: 05.10.2004 01:00:00

STM M Curve 15.5 Courier Bag††

Today we will be reviewing the Eclipse Courier Bag, which is a carry case that has been designed for laptops so you can take your laptop with you anywhere.

STM Is and Australian company which has been striding forward in the laptop transport department developing bags that are highly protective and stylish, so letís get on with the review.

†In the Box

When I received the bag it was placed in a clear plastic bag and arrived in perfect condition, it had the STM logo on the front as you can see and looked very nice, all in all in have no complaints.


† ††††


Removable laptop sleeve

High density padding surrounding whole bag and laptop

Removable key clip

Hidden organiser pocket

Adjustable shoulder strap with comfortable shoulder pad

Stabiliser strap for long distance travel

Contoured rubber handle

Available in Charcoal/Atlantic/Light Grey (as shown) or Charcoal/Red/Black

25 litres capacity


PART 2 Ė Style and Layout

The As you can see from the picture above and below the bag looks very stylish is made from very durable material and has high density padding for physical protection the bag can also be used to safely carry any electrical equipment such as a console or portable DVD player, it also has endless amounts of space and compartments so you can fit your personal belonging in there as well without fear of them damaging your Laptop/Consol, it also comes with a separated carry case for your laptop that keeps it well protected and easy to carry when you only need laptop. First letís take a look at a few shots of the inside then we will be able to tell you what we fitted inside.


The bottom right picture is the bag thatís within the bag, this is for the laptop and givesextra protection for laptopit is well padded and is like a carry case on its own



I couldnít believe the amount of stuff we fitted into this bag here is a list.

Laptop, power cables, USB mobile Theatre speakers, Cooling PAD (laptop underside cooler), mobile, keys, tons of software, mini USB mouse, USB Numpad and of coarse the usual stuff you want to put in a bag. you certainly wouldnít be able to do that with the traditional style laptop bags nice!


Part 3 Ė Practicality

Its all good have loads of space nice looks and a lifetime guarantee but if it feels bulky and cumbersome there is no point buying the purchasing the bag, so I am glad to say that the†STM Curve†Courier Bag doesnít disappoint, when worn over the shoulder it feels surprisingly comfortable and not as heavy as I first though it would be, it also is well made and feels very strong so there will be no worries that the bag handle will brake along with your laptop, I used the bag on my push bike a few times and the bag felt very stable and I had no doubt that it was safe, The bag has loopholes so you can attach your keys if you wanted and a nice rubber handle so you can use it like a carry case, as I said before it has endless amounts of space and compartments where you can fit anything from you mobile phone to your vinyl records, so as practicality goes it does the job admirably.



Part 4 Ė Conclusion

I really like this bag it has tones of space looks good and is very comfortable, this thing I like most is the feel of the material and how well constructed it is, you know when you have this bag on that your laptop is perfectly safe and even if you did accidentally drop it, your laptop will most likely be unharmed because of the high density padding also it is not only a laptop bag it can be used to carry anything you wish so donít be put off because it is designed for a laptop as it is much more than that.


Good solid construction

Durable materials

Large amount of space and compartments

Feels comfortable and safe

Can be used as a Rupp sack if needed

Separate Laptop carry case


At this moment I donít have any

† †

Reviewed By VMAN

Thanks to†† supplying the bag for review


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