SteelSeries Flux Headset
Posted on: 21.01.2013 12:03:06

SteelSeries have designed a headset that suits everyone's needs, they have come up with a unique concept that allows you to customize your headset to the way you want them to look and they have enabled you to use the headset with a number of different devices. But that's not all, they have also integrated a travel solution and a share your sound feature that supports multiple listeners which is a incredible function to have with any headset, there has always been a time when you wished you could sit and relax sharing your music with a friend, well you can with the Flux headset.

My only issue is the sizing, this headset needs a bit more length in it to fit every persons head shape, if SteelSeries ever do a second generation of this headset I would love to see them make sure extra adjustment is put into the sides to allow the headset to fit everyone in comfort. If this model had that adjustment it would have been walking away with the platinum award. As it is it only gets the silver due to this and that’s just down to the comfort. 



Bottom Line: SteelSeries have produce a great headset here that can be used for both mobile and PC gaming, it sounds superb and can be made to look how you want.. if you have a normal head size, don’t  be put off by my cons. This is a great headset and would have been awarded our platinum award had it had more size extension wise.

Reviewed by Archer

Thanks to Steelseries for supplying the headset for review

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