SteelSeries Flux Headset
Posted on: 21.01.2013 12:03:06

SteelSeries have designed the packaging for the Flux headset to be totally open with a clear plastic front facing window that allows you to see the headset in and all the features of the headphones in close detail..

On the rear Steelseries have included was one logo that has been molded into the black plastic material. You will find all the features and specs on the Flux headset down the left, right and bottom sides of the packaging in a white text.

Slipping the entire contents from the packaging we have as shown: SteelSeries Flux™ headset, Detachable cables and Manual/flyer, quick start guide. So let’s take a closer look at those specifications shall we.

Features & Specification


Specifications (headphones):

Specifications (microphone):

At a glance the Flux Headset has some really interesting features and specs and I'm not just talking about the way you can customize the headset, the sensitivity and frequency levels are what we are used to seeing in a typical quality headset from them, so I was eager to get going and using the Flux headset.

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