Slicksteel Pro S1 mouse mat
Posted on: 04.09.2004 01:00:00

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PART 1 Ė SlickSteel S1 pro

Today we are looking at a home made mat, I donít mean you make it yourself. This mat is made in the Uk by SlickSteel, SlickSteel are a steel works company which also make Safes and very nice snooker cue cases. So they are experienced in making quality stuff, letís see if there mouse mat is quality as well. There first good thing about them is there price is very competitive retailing at £11.95 for the model we are looking at today and £14.95 for an A4 size one. Now for me this is a hell of a lot a value. Letís get on with the review.

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The packaging is nothing fancy, just the mat and a sheet of paper over the surface to protect it. Then securely rapped up in a perfect sized bubble rap, then a layer on each side of cardboard. Ok as I said nothing fancy but itís protected, Time to open it up and look at the mat inside.

It was nice to see a little leaflet inside explaining how to take car of the mat, its not much but it shows SlickSteel want this mat to last you forever Which is a bit strange as I have never heard much advice from companies telling you how to make sure your product last longer than you. What I mean buy this is most products these days are consumable, basically they will eventually wear and you will have to replace them this wont. You just have to re-polish it.(SlickSteel sell a kit for this) and even thatís only £3.95, on that note I think I should mention that all these prices include the postage and packaging so the prices you see are what you pay and even if you brought the a4 size version and polishing kit you would still have change from £20. very nice indeed..


Now you can see the finish is excellent, as you can see from the photo (took a good few of this shot and this was the only one without the flash covering the whole mat, this is due to the polishing SlickSteel do but hand, yes I said hand. The back is made from cork and not rubber but it does just the same job and as well


I liked the way SlickSteel have marked the mats with the brand name and model number. This to me was nice and a change from the printed on method, ok itís not much but it shows SlickSteel want to add that professional touch.



Before we move onto the performance here is SlickSteelís specs for the mouse.


Slicksteel mouse mats are made from hand polished Stainless Steel to give an extremely smooth and and long lasting surface.


The Slicksteel surface has undergone extensive testing and is designed to get the best performance from your Optical Mouse, with no skidding or Ďtrackingí problems found with some surfaces.

These Mouse Mats are made with both the professional computer user and hardcore PC Gamer in mind!








Part 2 Ė Performance


Ok now time to test the surface and what it is like for gaming, the games it will be tested for will be Unreal04, Doom3,Joint Ops, and old fav CS. This will give me a general idea of the mats usability in games and its performance. This is where it got interesting, I started playing a game and immediately thought this is a bit slower than some of the mats I have tried, so I adjusted the mouse speed a little to compensate. This is where it happened, the mouse was now running with the same speed feel as the others I have tested but and itís a big but in my opinion it was more accurate I found myself on a little killing frenzy. Maybe itís to do with the mats polishing but I found once set to the speed your used to this to be more accurate than the others. Strange but true. Ideally the A4 size one is ideal for Gaming and I would of liked the extra room.


Part 3Ė Conclusion

Well if I was to be honest I would say I didnít expect much of this and maybe was slightly weary of it.(new product, and cheap as well) but it surprised me. The finish and quality was excellent and with a few adjustments I found the accuracy a lot better than some of its more pricey competition. The fact this mat can be yours for £11.95 including p&p to anywhere in Europe makes this a winner in my mind. I loved the quality and finish and also the heavy feel to it.



Performs well in games

Top quality finish

Good response

Excellent value for money

Large improvement on standard


A bit small for me (but then you could buy the A4 size)




Review by R.Bowzer


Thanks to for giving me one of there mats to review.



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