Silverstone TJ06 full ATX case
Posted on: 21.01.2006 01:00:00

The SilverStone TJ06 is a beautiful case, it has simple elegant looks that will please anybody and make a great focal point for a room or just fit in with your high-tech entertainment system without looking odd, the TJ06 also has an open spacious motherboard area so you do not have to work in cramped conditions. The Wind Tunnel is a great feature, which maximises airflow over the CPU for those of you on air cooling area keeping the processor and ram in a cool environment, as well as being able to cope with a watercooling kit. Then add the high build quality that SilverStone are renowned for which all adds up to on truly inspirational case.

High Quality Construction,
Spacious Layout,
Wind Tunnel,
Sleek Design,
Screwless Design

Screwless Add-On Clamp

Review by Vman

Thanks to SilverStone for supplying the TJ06 for review

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