Silverstone TJ06 full ATX case
Posted on: 21.01.2006 01:00:00

Thankfully, because of the foam protection and a little luck the TJ06 arrived without a scratch, although the foam was not so lucky and was broken in several places. It was then that I got my first good look at the TJ06 and it did not disappoint the aluminium front panel is plain but stylish with is just how I like it.† Foolishly expecting the TJ06 to be light as a feather lent over to remove the unit from the box and if not for some Spiderman style reflexes would have dropped it, the TJ06 is in not a lightweight case weighting in at 11kg so if you are looking for a LAN boy then you had better look elsewhere. Lets get it out of the box and show you.

You may ask where all this weight is coming from? Firstly the chasse is iron and secondly the TJ06 is a full tower 205 mm (W) x 566 mm (H) x 474 mm (D) so a lot of materials have been used, I donít think that the weight is too much of and issue as this is not the type of case to be moving around in the first place. Overall I am impressed with the TJ06 on first impressions, I would have liked to see a windowed side panel included with the package, and I was disappointed so find no temperature controller/monitor but at first glance the looks will make you overlook these things.

The TJ06 as you may know has an aluminium front panel and an iron chassis, the chassis comes in two colours, Silver and Black these have a high-gloss finish and blends perfectly with the brushed aluminium front panel. The front panel swings out allowing you to insert or remove anything from your drive bays; it also gives you access to the front 120mm and 80mm fans, which makes cleaning easy.

The Intake vents are cleverly used here by SilverStone as a design feature and I think they have pulled it off nicely; personally, I think the grill behind the vents is a massive feature because without it, the Intake vents would look like large holes rather than a design feature. Something that I admire about SilverStone is their attention to detail, Have a look at the quality of the buttons, this is one of the qualities that many manufactures lack and unfortunately, I cannot see changing.


As you can see the attention to detail is superb and even down to the curves on the front panel. Even if we look around the front panel we can see this quality has been passed around the case.

The TJ06 has 4x USB, microphone and sound ports and 1x Firewire port on the side of the case for your convenience, this is very helpful if you are anything like me and are constantly using USB ports.


As you may of guessed from photos of the bottom of the rear of the case the TJ06 is made in an upside down configuration. This means the motherboard fits in the case in an upside down compartment. Another great feature that I have used in the past is the screwless side panel locks, as a reviewer I am constantly switching parts and I find screws a pain. This system uses plastic clips that slide up and down to lock/unlock the side panel, this is a great little feature that I would like to see used more as screws no longer needed.

The most important aspect of a enclosure for has changed over the years I used to look at a case for sheer looks buying anything that looked the part. As I have become more review minded, I can no longer look at a case in such a narrow perspective and more look at a product on how it would be for all different readers. Because of this, the size and layout has become the first thing I look at in a case and the TJ06 does not disappoint on both counts.

Time to remove the side panel and take a look at the inside layout.

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