SilverStone Strider Plus ST1000-P 1000W PSU
Posted on: 13.10.2010 01:00:00

Included in the box is the Manual, Specs guide and Power lead, also included in retail version package (was missing from mine) is a set of Velcro straps and some cable ties.

Like most PSU’s we look at Silverstone are no different to ensuring the PSU is protected in transport to you, you would have to do something drastic to break what is inside of this box.

And here we have The Silverstone Strider ST1000-P itself, quite surprisingly with the larger 135mm fan I was expecting a much larger footprint, but in fact the PSU is the same size as your average PSU. What is interesting is the claim of silence though, On my main rig, with 6 HDDS and overclocked GPU and CPU the rig can make most 1000W PSU’s end up sounding louder than the other fans in the case. It will be interesting to see if it can live up to its silent claims.

The Top of the PSU is as normal as others apart from the imbedded Silverstone branding, not a major thing that will not aid the PSU, but still much better than a slapped on sticker.

The rear of the PSU is nothing special, but it does show that with the 135mm fan and the normal size of the PSU, the components inside are well squashed in there, is there any room left :P

Here we can see the modular connections of this PSU , there is  a pretty simple guide underneath, which makes connecting a cable to the wrong point impossible.

On the Side of the PSU we have a few specs with details on the AMPS, there is not much info here, but as one of the included booklets contains more than enough info, it is not really necessary.

The main connectors are done in the same way as 99% of PSU’s with the split MB connector and a split (eps)  power cable, there is also a 4 pin cable( despite being labelled as 4 pin it has a split 8 pin cable for the connector as seen above. The rest of the connectors are listed below.

There are 2 molex cables and 2 sata cables included in with the PSU, both of these have plenty of length and connectors for even a HDD heavy setup.

Onto the graphics card connectors there are 4 connectors available with 2x 6 pin and 2x 8 pin (6 pin and extra 2). The PCi-E connectors also have a capacitor on each cable. Now we have seen the PSU and what is included, let us get on with testing the PSU shall we.

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