SilverStone Strider 600W Modular PSU
Posted on: 27.02.2006 01:00:00

The installation was a bit tricky at times because of some short cables but considering that I have a full tower I donít think that this will apply to all users, after the installation I was surprised at how much space I now have, before I would have to push cables back into place because I had moved the PC and something slipped out of position, now I only have to choose the cables my computer needs, which is not very much.



AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice skt939 @ 2.4GHz


ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe

Supplied by ASUS

GFX Card

Under Review


Onboard Nvidia NF4 sound

CPU Cooler

Under Review

Main Memory

2 x 512Mb Mushkin

Non-removeable Disks

1 x 160GB Maxtor SATA

Removeable Disks

7-in-1 USB Flash drive

Optical Drives

NEC x16 dual-layer DVD-RW


Silverstone TJ06

Supplied by Silverstone


Mitsubishi 19 inch


Under testing

Case Fans

1 x 120mm in (front), 1 x 120mm out (rear)

The Strider ST60F is very quiet too, because it only uses one fan, at the lowers speed it is nearly impossible to overhear, and at the highest speed well it is not a shirker and I would be quite happy to leave it at that setting.

I am scrutinizing the 12v rails on idle and load. The computer will boot from a cold start and remain idle for half an hour, then it will run 3DMark 05 for half an hour.

Results are being recorded with motherboard monitor Probe II as MM does not support my board.

I was not surprised by the results that the Strider achieved, it is not the best in terms of PSUs but in the market of modular PSUs I do not think that there is any other on the market that performs so well, not once did my 12v rail drop bellow 12v, on average the volt fluctuated between 12.5v and 12.10v which is very respectable,

+12V 1

+12V 2

















3 4

Once I had loaded 3d Mark I was a bit dubious and thought that the Strider ST60F might just dip under the 12V but I held its own and again I was impressed at its performance. I have had many normal PSUs that although stable donít perform this well, and they are not budget brands either,† although under a heavy clock I managed to get the 12v to drop to 11.98 although it was the lowest it dropped to and the average was still 12.06. The strider was sturdy all the way to the bank. Overall the Strider has kept been consistent through out the review and I find it hard to find any faults which is not normal.

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