Silverstone LC20M Media/HTPC Case
Posted on: 07.12.2006 01:00:00

The first thing that you notice is a big wad of cables for the front panel controls and ports and a large support running from front to back.

Here we can see the side vents from the inside. It looks like the mesh has fingers bent over holding the mesh in place so it should be easy enough to remove if you want to. I am a bit surprised to find the LC20M has no fans installed, though I guess most people building a multimedia pc would want to spec their own fans.

If you wish to mount a side fan it screws in from the inside using long screws that SilverStone provides.

The hard drive cage is fully removable and has mountings for 2 fans, these can be either 80mm or 92mm. The cage is fully cushioned top and bottom too so the drives shouldn’t resonate through the case, another nice touch.

Behind where the hard drive cage mounts we can see the rear of the screen and i/o ports, just below them is the air intakes for the front fans. That really paired with the other output fans should be more than enough to cool what ever setup you can imagine. I like the fact the layout is simple in it's design, plenty of room for any type of setup (HDTV PC SLI/Crossfire gaming on a 32 - 42 inch comes to mind)

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