Silverstone DA700 PSU 700w
Posted on: 02.06.2008 01:00:00

The Silverstone DA700 is a very nice psu and I can’t really fault it. It is a bit bigger than your average psu, but then all modular psu’s are bigger, protrude further into the case than non-modular psu’s, it’s the nature of the beast, they need extra internal connections to allow the external cables to be plugged in. It’s a nice, heavy, well constructed unit and I would imagine it could take anything you could throw at it from virtually all of the pc’s out there at the moment. I would like to think the pc I used today represents something towards the top end of the market, it’s only really lacking a quad core cpu to qualify, and it barely put a measurable dent in the power rails. The only negative comment I can think of, and I am being picky here, is purely cosmetic and that is the fact that the drive cables are only sleeved from the psu up-to the first connector which, to be honest, is most likely to be the part of the cable which is out of view.

• Single 12v rail rated at 58amps.
• Modular design so you only fit the cables you need.
• 80%+ efficiency.
• Quiet fan.
• Active PFC (0.99 at full load)

• Drive cables only sleeved to first connector.
• Not exactly cheap at approx $180 (at the time of writing the review no U.K. price could be found)

Reality check: It doesn’t come cheap but then anyone looking to buy a psu in this class isn’t going to be building a budget pc and for the price you would be hard pushed to find anything much better. That aside it is an awesome psu and anyone looking for a psu in this kind of power range should seriously consider one in my opinion.

Reviewed by mac

MANY thanks to for supplying the DA700 for review

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