Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 PLUS dock
Posted on: 15.03.2011 01:00:00

The Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 PLUS† is actually quite a capable device. If only it had a SATA 2 controller, I imagine it would be flawless. However, for the price that Sharkoon are asking (£35~ online), it is actually a very quick device. It is also far quicker than any USB 2.0 HDD interface I have ever used, and, letís face it, no one will be using the QuickPort XT as an interface for their super-fast SSDís, but rather a selection of hard-disk based drives. Personally I would use this for backing up my main PC every couple of weeks.

The ability to quickly remove the HDD from the dock means that it would be easy to take with you if you wanted to keep a copy of your valuable data with you for safe-keeping (e.g. if you were going away for a week and were concerned about the risk of a fire burning through your valuable data!).

Additionally, due to the simple slot-in nature of this dock, it could serve as an interface for a vast number of hard drives if you happen to keep multiple routine backups.

The speed of this device means that it is a significant upgrade from any current USB 2.0 interfaced caddy or dock. So let us get this right for the price of this device, you get a USB 3.0 dock and a USB 3.0 card as well, that canít be bad can it?



Reality Check: if youíre in the market for a USB harddrive dock, then you may as well splash out on this one Ė it is much quicker than any USB 2.0 dock, and isnít too pricey.

Reviewed by Snubbsy

Thanks to Sharkoon for supplying the product for review

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